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Granola And The Higher Good

Granola And The Higher Good

*It’s A Beautiful Day For Granola


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Magical & Mystical! Delicious & Special! Fun & Exciting!

These are the feelings (and more) you can expect when baking your own granola.

It was a beautiful spring morning in 1971. I was visiting with friends in Accord, NY when I awoke to a glorious and enticing smell wafting through the house. Making my way to the kitchen I found Rick at the center of this baking symphony with rolled oats, nuts, honey and coconut as the orchestra and Rick its maestro. On the counter was the ultimate crescendo … a tray with this ‘stuff’ fresh from the oven. My senses were tingling. It looked so … inviting. “The smell is so … WONDERFUL!  What are you baking?”, I asked Rick. “Some concoction called … granola.”

My mind & body were eager with anticipation. What could create such a wonderful experience? Still warm, I scooped some ‘granola’ from the tray into a bowl and added milk. After the first mouthful I knew I wanted more. Not just ‘more granola’ but more of the ‘granola experience’. When I returned home I began baking my own granola.

At this time, I was in college studying oceanography and planning on becoming the next Jacques Cousteau. However, within a month I awoke one morning and decided, instead, to become a professional granola baker. It was a calling to a higher good. 

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Today, many granola companies are on a Mission of a ‘Higher Good’. In our upcoming blogs we are happy to highlight these companies that are sources of inspiration & delicious granola.

In today’s blog I want to focus on *Beautiful Day (, formerly the Providence Granola Project (, which is an wonderful example of a business dedicated to a higher good. I contacted founders Keith and Geoff years back and was thrilled to meet these two like-minded people from Rhode Island who bring spirit into matter by providing hands-on granola baking training (a.k.a JOBS) to refugees. The original Providence Granola Project recipes and flavors remain the same as does the Mission at Beautiful Day.  

Some of their best selling granola, spiced nuts, bars and gift boxes include:

Check out and support this wonderful company.

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          PS – Support your local small batch granola company … good people                                     producing some awesome granola.

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